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Personal growth and counselling skills course

This course has built up a reputation as a life-changing experience whether you become a counsellor or not. If you want to level up your communication and interpersonal skills then this course is for you.

Applications for February course closed. Stay tuned for August intake!

Course details

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Why do the course?

Some people do the course to experience self-growth, insight and improved communication skills. Others do the course to become volunteer counsellors. No matter your reason, the course can be a life changing experience.

Course methodology

  • Learning takes place in small groups of 6-8 people with two facilitators

  • We apply experiential learning

  • Our training approach comprises of the person-centred approach developed by Carl Rogers

  • We take great care in providing a safe, confidential and professional environment to encourage growth and learning

  • Course consists of practical sessions with feedback

Course structure

Module 1: 12 Session of personal growth and self-awareness
Module 2: 10 sessions of counselling skills

All sessions need to be attended due to the experiential nature of this course. On completion of both modules of the course those who wish to, may put themselves forward for selection as intern counsellors with LifeLine Johannesburg.

Admission criteria

  • The minimum age for applicants is to become 23 years during the course

  • Attendance of information session and interview

  • No qualification in psychology is needed.

  • Completion and submission of the Application Form

  • Ability to attend all sessions

  • Minimum education level is Grade 12

  • Recovering addicts need to be in recovery for a minimum of 2 years

  • If you are in therapy, we need a letter of support from your therapist

What is expected of you?

Trainees are encouraged to experiment with their own reactions and responses to others, as well as to learn better and more effective ways of communicating. The course is experiential in nature. Therefore, the value you get from the course is dependent on your ability and willingness to participate as fully as possible.

Costs & Payment

Why do I have to pay for a course when I want to volunteer?

LifeLine’s self growth and counselling skills course is a costly and resource intensive course to facilitate. We require the funds to run the course successfully. Course is priced at a competitive rate compared to other personal growth and counselling skills courses.


  • The cost of the course is R7500.

  • The intern program carries an additional fee of R3000, half of which will be refunded upon completion of the Internship period.

  • Your place on the course will remain unconfirmed after your interview until we have received your payment

  • Should you not be able to complete the course for whatever reason, your money will not be refunded as you have taken a place we could otherwise have filled.

  • Payment by EFT after information session and interview

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Next steps


The internship follows the self growth and counselling skills course. Interns are selected from course trainees who put themselves forward for selection to become a counsellor. The internship consists of:

  • 7 training sessions based on relevant topics

  • Attendance of mentor groups

  • Practical counselling training with clients

Volunteer as a lay counsellor

Completing Lifeline’s personal growth and counselling skills course is essential to becoming a volunteer counsellor no matter your professional qualifications and experience. The course is offered part-time either in-person or online.

1. Complete the personal growth and counselling skills course (9 months part-time):

  • Month 1 - 4 : weekly sessions

  • Month 4 - 9 : Practical work and experience with theoretical input

2. Internship

Call us for more information: 

Office number 011 728 1331

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