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I'm not sure I need help

There are days that prove harder to navigate than others. You might find your mood is particularly low, or you're grappling with feelings of sadness, worry, or general disorientation. If you feel concerned about your mental wellbeing or would benefit from speaking to someone, don't hesitate to reach out to LifeLine Johannesburg for counseling services.

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Don't suffer alone

We have all had stressful times in our lives. Many of us have faced emotional and mental challenges as a result of work problems, finances, problems in our relationships, or grief over the loss of a loved one. We can sometimes handle these challenges on our own or with the support of trusted friends and family members, but what happens when these feelings become so overwhelming that they appear to weigh you down? To whom do you turn? When things are tough reach out for counselling.

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free online counselling

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Don’t be scared to seek help

It may be tough to admit that you are having difficulties with your mental health. Remember that dealing with everyday stresses is not a sign of weakness. If you are unsure whether or not you seek help, please contact us. We provide a safe and nonjudgmental space in which to discuss your feelings or what has happened. Our services are free and open to everyone.

Common Questions

It's normal to have concerns about what to expect during counseling sessions. Here are some of the most frequently asked counselling questions and answers.

What can I expect when I reach out?

Our trained counsellors are there to listen and provide you with the emotional support you need. Once you have submitted your request for counselling online, you will be assigned to a counsellor. You and the counsellor will arrange a suitable time to meet either at LifeLine Johannesburg or online. Due to the volume of requests we receive, the waiting time can vary from a day or two up to two weeks.

What does a counselling session look like?

In a counselling session you can speak about what is on your mind. No matter how overwhelming it may feel, our trained counsellors are here to facilitate the counselling process with you. You don’t have to provide any personal details that reveal your identification. Your privacy is important to us. Our counsellors are trained to work with you, so that you can grow and find your own solutions. We provide up to 4 sessions. Each session is an hour long.

Who will I be speaking to?

Whether you contact us by phone or text, you will be connected to one of our counsellors who has been trained to assist you. They have received the necessary training to support, listen to, and assist you.

What is the cost of the counselling sessions?

Counselling is free, however we do appreciate donations. Consider donating or signing up to MyVillage to contribute. Click here for more information.

Is confidentiality guaranteed?

Confidential counselling is the fundamental pillar of Lifeline Johannesburg. We understand the sensitivity of the information shared during the counselling process and assure you that it will not be disclosed to any external party beyond the counselling session. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. Please review our POPIA statement >

How do you know you need help?

Sometimes the signs are obvious, and sometimes they are not.

Here signs to look out for:

  • If you have experienced a traumatic event and it's bother you

  • Loss of a loved one, job loss, divorce, and breakups can all cause emotional distress.

  • Struggling with everyday stress.

  • Difficulty maintaining healthy relationships.

Other signs you may be struggling:

  • Feeling lonely

  • Feeling very emotional

  • You are less productive.

  • Helpless feelings

  • Sad/depressed

  • Hopeless feelings

  • Feeling empty / disconnect

  • Overwhelmed by life's general stress.

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