Upcoming Counselling course

Lifeline group once graduated and the great way they feel when they are ready to help others.

LifeLine Graduation Group 2013 Poem

The course is done, the grads are ready

Your minds they’ll ease and hearts they’ll steady.

To hear your plight and help you on

They like it when your stress is gone.

So if you’re low or feeling down

There is one place to call in town.

A call to Life Line in Norwood

Where you’ll be heard and understood.

Our work is both a skill and art

With every end there’s a brand new start.

As constant growth is what takes place

Whether on the phone or face to face.

 Vincent Higgins


  • 011 728 1331
  • 011 728 3497
  • lifeline@lifelinejhb.org.za
  • 2 The Avenue
  • Cnr Henrietta Street
  • Norwood, Johannesburg
  • 011 728 1347