• The Beginning – attending the information session

    Though I’d often thought about it, I’d never pursued that thought.

    Whenever I read about it I thought it’d be a wonderful thing to do. So, when I opened the newspaper and saw the headline “Join Lifeline Course,” I knew that it was time. Finally, after years of procrastination, I was going to apply...

  • Lifeline Course Module 1 – Personal Growth – Session One

    Today was the first session. My relief and gratitude was tinged by nervousness: Would the internal work I have done before unravel and leave me depressed and helpless again?  I know the road to healing is like an onion; there are layers of issues to work through. Personal growth is life-long learning, not something that is ever complete. Is the peace that I feel really solid? Am I deluding myself?...

  • Lifeline Course Module 1 – Personal Growth – Sessions Two

    Because sessions two and three were held on a Saturday, the trainees from both morning and evening classes were present, so the hall was quite full. Before we split into our groups, we given a tool for improving our relating skills. I love it when I am given a practical method of tackling a problem!...

  • Lifeline Course Module 1 – Personal Growth – Session Four

    Today I saw clearly how much suffering is caused by our fear of not conforming. Even me; I want the group to trust and be comfortable with me. This morning’s session revealed that most of the people in the group had oppressed their own needs and feelings in their efforts “not to rock the boat.” I felt so sad about this; our need for love and approval can cause us to deny our very selves, sometimes to the point where we lose sight of who we are...

  • Lifeline Course Module 1 – Personal Growth – Session Five

    This week we were asked to describe our earliest memories, our homes and families, and who was the core love, the centre of our childhoods.

    Some people among the group had moved many times and had to choose which home to describe, others had lived out their childhoods in the same place. Those people who described happy, stable childhoods seemed to feel – now that they were adults – no less self-conflicted than those who’d been denied that experience. Many people in the group said that their mothers had been the love-centres of their lives, and for several that is still true; even for a young man who had recently married...



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