LifeLine Corporate emotional wellness services increase productivity, reduce absenteeism .and improve employee morale by:

Assisting the individual to make clear and practical decisions in order to manage their crisis Assisting the individual in re-establishing confidence in the implementation and decision-making area of their lives. Staff experiencing the company as concerned and caring


In "The Manager's Pocket Guide to Emotional Intelligence" by Emily A. Sterrett, Ph.D, Emotional-Intelligence Quotient, or EQ, has been defined as "the array of personal-management and social skills that allows one to succeed in the workplace and life in general.

LifeLine Corporate person cantered, respectful and non-judgmental approach to coaching ensures that the coached is heard and supported deeply. Emotional issues are understood and considered, skills taught and objectives set for enhanced interpersonal or personal competence. Resilience, stress and appropriate choices or actions are analysed and incorporated into working relationships.


Stress and crises affect every aspect of our lives. The spill over from personal life to work life and visa versa has been recognised and proven. Employees often state that after a crisis or during an extremely stressful period in their lives, concentration and general level of functioning is impaired and they cannot operate at optimum efficiency.

LifeLine’s counselling service offers a professional and confidential listening ear where individuals can express and understand their emotions and feelings, assisting them with re-establishing confidence in the implementation and decision-making area of their lives.

We offer telephone and face to face counselling in the following areas:

  • Suicide
  • Trauma management
  • Rape and gender based violence
  • Relationship counselling
  • Loss and bereavement
  • Work related difficulties
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Retrenchment


Debriefing may form a critical part of an organisation’s Employee Wellness Programme, assisting with resilience building of the individual. Individuals may suffer emotional exhaustion and fatigue due to meeting death and misery on a daily basis or as a result of repeated traumatic incidents such as hi-jacking, armed robbery etc.

During the debriefing sessions, individuals are assessed and referred into one on one counselling if needed.


It is often difficult to receive real and honest feedback from staff about your company whilst they are still employed. Therefore, it is extremely beneficial to conduct an exist interview when a staff member leaves. Staff may leave for better opportunities, relocation, personal life changes, unhappiness or performance managed out. No matter what the reason it is a great way to gain insight into the companies culture, staff belief’s and feelings around management and the organisation.



These half day sessions are intended for all employees in order to communicate the organisation’s policy and procedures and create an awareness of managements’ commitment to providing trauma assistance, thus improving employee morale. An overview on trauma is provided together with basic guidelines as to when to seek help.


These sessions for management provide guidance on providing trauma assistance, thus improving employee morale. An overview on trauma is provided together with basic guidelines as to how and when to refer employees for help.


It is recommended that organisations appoint a ‘Trauma Containment Team’ made up of volunteers.

LifeLine can provide assistance with screening these individuals in order to ensure that they are able to do the work i.e. He/she has the time and capacity, is in a sound emotional state (not overwhelmed with own personal traumatic experiences, etc).

LifeLine also provides training for the team covering the following:

  • Information about trauma (Trauma Workshop mentioned in above)
  • Intervention Strategy (practical assistance).
  • How to assess persons needs.
  • How to refer for Critical Incident Debriefing and/or professional assistance.


Lifeline offers immediate professional help to trauma containment team members. This support means that if a trauma containment team member has worked with an employee who has experienced a traumatic incident, this team member could contact a LifeLine Trauma Specialist for personal support and debriefing, as well as discussion as to the way forward in relation to themselves and the trauma survivor.


Once an incident has taken place trauma debriefing aims to help people regain control over their lives and make sense of the affects of the trauma. It helps them regain their equilibrium and allows them to return effectively to the activities of daily living.



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