Girls on the Move

Issues of teenage sexuality, gender, self image – alongside questions around HIV and AIDS information, services and resources - are of great importance to parents, teachers and the teenagers themselves.

This programme provides information and discussion opportunities on sexual development and issues, on gender, on HIV and AIDS, on contraception, on pregnancy, on rights and obligations and on making wise choices in order to mediate gender disparity, unhealthy sexuality choices and HIV infection.

Teens in South African communities frequently do not have opportunities to access reliable information, services and resources to assist them to negotiate gender disparities, make healthy sexual and reproductive choices, and prevent HIV infection.

In the developing world such as South Africa, the challenges that teens face may be compounded by poverty, lack of opportunities, cultural norms and expectations. In addition, poor sexual health outcomes can be associated with poverty, which can frequently be traced to the adolescent years, when teens become sexually active. Their educational achievement, the skills they develop and the decisions they make about sexual behaviour and childbearing have profound effects, not only on their own lives, but on the lives of generations to come

Adolescence is a crucial time for teens.

This programme is aimed at adolescents at Grade 7, 8 entry level (12-15 years old).

For a year and a half, Lifeline has been running this very successful programme in schools in Alexandra and Soweto.

If you are interested in utilising this programme in your school please contact Maphaladi, 011 728 1331

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Review of Teenage Pregnancy in 2013



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